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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Unveil the real

Secular by state, communal by nature. The land of glory and sun-shine has produced more than a billion smiling faces. The thought ticks my mind, and 'The Indians' play inside.

Let me start by contradicting my own statement above (the counter statements always comes from my other-self, my 'flame'). 'Smiling Faces', are they? Well as a matter of fact I would definitely smile while I represent India, but as a person am I really smiling, are Indians really smiling? Are Indians really happy to be where they are? Ok, let us not figure the Tatas, the Ambanis, Singhanias, Birlas, Goenkas, Mittals and all other whales in our list. To speak and sound quite cliché, lets talk about this Indian, the 'aam aadmi' (common man). Being the 4th biggest economy in the world, are we really capable of managing the millions displaced by the Narmada Project. Being the land of Taj Mahal, are we capable enough to maintain the dignity and ethnicity of north-east tribal. Being the 7th biggest country in area, are we capable enough to protect the wild-lifewhich we boast about. Being the most populous state, are we capable enough to eradicate Polio and create awareness on AIDS and Cancer? Being India are we capable enough to handle the neighboring countires like Nepal and Pakistan? Being Indians are we capable enough to act than advice?

Topics to think in a lifetime could gel with India. Discussions from almost all angles would include India. India is vast, and so are Indians. But is this vastness, killing us. I guess 'flame' would think so. But what happened in the last few days has also made me think in flame's direction. What happened in Baroda (my home town) during last week is a shameful event for all Indians. I am not trying to judge who was right or wrong. I am neither with the administration nor with the sentimentally religious people. Personal bias and disrespect to fellow humans is poisoning India like a big squid. What is right, being sentimentally religious or being religiously sentimental? None, I guess. For me religion is a subject of personal feeling and thought and not a social call or obligation. Sentiments should not dominate your religion. One should be religious from mind and not heart. People in Baroda were so must churned in the turmoil of their own confusions that they were forced to listen to their heart and act heartlessly. I feel bad for them, I fell bad for myself an I feel bad for India. Not because all this is happening, but beacuse people like me, can just advise, but not act.

Sometimes I just wish like Archimedes, a snap of time and everything changes to a very beautiful world. A world were everything would be perfect and just as beautiful as dream....... waiting for someone to unveil and reveal the real.

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Priyanka J Gupta said...

Yeah, felt being in the same boat when I read you.