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Thursday, May 04, 2006

~Paint me LIFE~

There are two primary choices in life – to accept conditions as they exist or accept responsibility for changing them. I have chosen the third way….
My note: The day has begun. The sun is shining. And the question starts filtering deep inside my mind. Sometimes I feel I think just for the heck of it. Does it add any value to my life? May not be materialistic though! Do I think to make me feel good? Does it mean anything to others? Why do I have to convince myself for the thoughts I think? Well the simple fact that I do nothing but just wait for some thought to hit me so that I can start thinking over it always ends up with some 100 more questions in my mind.
The trigger: I bought the original DVD featuring 'Rang De Basanti'.
The thoughts: I was in Amsterdam when the film got released. Read all the possible articles on the World Wide Web there, each one of them admiring the film in its own way. The image was drawn as a very light and rosy movie in my mind. Good cast, great music and a 'now critically acclaimed' director. This has to be a good 'paisa wasool' (Return on Investment), thought a part in me. But I was shocked to see what I saw after coming to India and watching the film for the first time with my friends. Totally unaware about the script till then, I must say, my mind was blank for the next few minutes after the film.
The film in my terms is a crude movie with a positive energy. It shows a basic human with very basic instincts. I am no critic to comment on the movie, but I guess the movie has the potential to pull the viewer and make him start his own thought process, which might be (and I think, should be) different from what the person next to him thinks. In other words, 'A thought provoking' movie. No wonder why I liked it. Unlike the creamy world of Johars and Chopras and very much unlike their movies, this one makes you quite uncomfortable at the end. No wonder why I did not see any smiling face leaving the theater hall. I was so happy after the first watch, I was almost on my knees to convince my friends to come and see second time. 'I am not that bad in acting', was discovered.
Total to count, full time watch is 6 and could not keep a count on bits of it. Still sit on a jobless day and think, WHY do we have to face a BAD political angle every time we try to stand far from crowd. Is it wrong to be different or think differently?
I always thought there were two kinds of people in this world, the kind that never accepts their life and keeps complaining, and the kind that accepts their life and act on it to make it better, and then, I met the third kind (who are happy spectators of all events, with lots of questions in mind).

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