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Monday, May 15, 2006

Provoked by the Unprovoked

Midweek morning, I grabbed a news paper and started going through the pages. Unlike most of you, I do not start the paper with the headlines, I usually either start from sports or entertainment or other city supplements and finally come to the main news. I usually think that the main page news is often vanilla coated to attract readers. But this has changed since last few days. Two important things or let me put it up like, two happening headlines in India; have actually made me feel its importance. My idea says, ‘provoked by the unprovoked’, and I am seriously hurt and angry by what in my terms is baseless and unjustified. But I do not feel alone this time, the chorus is at a crescendo.

What happened on 13th of May 2006 in Mumbai was the beginning. I know that democracy is not just fighting for rights but also help the Government by acting on your part of fundamental duties. I was always against reservations in colleges and jobs. One small effort done by Mr. Ambedkar has resulted into nothing but a big fish to play around with for the senseless politicians. The thought behind what Mr. Ambedkar did was to give a fair chance and thus provide a initial support platform for the people who were till then ‘un-accessible’ (I refuse to use words like untouchables or lower class). Idea was good, effort was great, but the consequences are not. Demanding a 49.5 percent reservation is shame on us. I would like to ask the people themselves, why we need something that we do not deserve. Competitions are meant to get the best, and nobody has the right to change it. If we, the democratic feel that certain class of people need a support system, let it be at the initial stages. Let the government initiate high quality primary and secondary school level education for them. Once they are at par with other, they can enter any competition and walk out. All the ideas I say, I know there would be millions who think the same. Second part was what the police did with the young and in my terms courageous doctors. Using action forces against the peaceful revolution is like murdering the democracy. Has India really become so cruel that we do not get a chance to speak our voice? May be the government will decide something on this and settle the issue, but is it worth it? When will we liberate ourselves from the fake social obligations and actually start working towards the betterment of it?

Even after over fifty years of reservations, if educational and professional aspirations of the underprivileged sections remain in the realms of dream, then this means the system, as it has evolved, has failed to deliver too. The other subversion has come from the people themselves. Many see in this system a shortcut to personal growth and prosperity. To be underprivileged is actually deemed a privilege by many. A lofty scheme to help the deserving has degenerated into a race for securing ‘reservation’ class certificates so much so that the line of thought amidst the youth, the lazy and the zealous alike, is that one has to become backward to move forward!
I am proud to carry an Indian identity, and feel that we do not need any kind of reservations based on social standards. Reservations are not bad, but it is the base of those reservations that makes them wrong.

I conclude the politics of reservation and the profits of reservation have overshadowed the principle of reservation!


l_0oio0_l said...

Well...my perspective is....its because of the reservation ....they have not yet come to the level that they can compete too....

coz thats how being human thing works....they were given reservation ...they want more of it....and because of that...."mehnat nahi karna chahte".....

its juz like corporate...as u move up the ladder kehte hai na kaam se jyada foktai karte hai log...hahaha
aur paisa b jyada milta hai usme....same thing!

~~ flame boy aint ~~ said...

well as a matter of fact, i do not blame the group for whom the battle is fought entirely for this. its also people like us and our very dear politicians. the only soluton to this problem s to start working at root levels than expecting a one night wonder.

Priyanka J Gupta said...

I agreee with you flame boy. We have gone over this hundred times. As it is said in "sarkar": " aadmi ko nahin soch ko maro." I dont have anything against backward class but I am strongly against the 49.5% reservation quota. I smell utter exploitation of this reservation figure by many.

~~ flame boy aint ~~ said...

priyanka, in fact the topic is so sensitive and vast, that u cant get enough of it and u would not dare to cross boundaries as well..... we the people, can just express out ideas and thoughts, but that fact remains that India although being a democratic state is not by the people. dare to go against the system and your photo could be the headlines tomorrow (and certainly not the way u'd want it to be). its either accept it or fight it. i again say, its better to act than advice.... i wish all the best to the millions of young indians who are still to get admitted to college.

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised by the fact that the Doctors have got such a weak response from the Other academic fraternities, Obviously I am too sadly a part of such a huge fraternity. Frankly, I too support such a movement, but am not getting a platform to join in.

When we were in college, there were immense possibilities to help in such a movement, currently being involved in a job I am really saddened that I cant contribute.

Someone told me "That being in a private firm you dont care", but I definitely disagree as somewhere down the line the private firms would also be affected by the same problem, so it would be silly not to support the brave ones this time or sometime will come when either way something worse is going to happen.

Also I would like to add is, what about the standards of the well known institutes when you are willing to compromise on the level of attendents? Would just increasing the seats raise the level, definitely not. The only thing which would happen is that the standards go down and placements go down and more and more Indians would start going abroad for better prospects where they might have to face a little bit of "Racisim" but at least that is some foreign country.

Come one day all the good resources of the country would be drained and the foreign countries would be enjoying their services while in India, god knows what would happen.

I sincerely pray to god and wish that something positive turns out and this issue gets solved in our favour.

A concerned Indian.