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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Existence - Recalled

The FLAME recalls childhood, recalls past and recalls the roots.

It took me a snip of a second to re-enter the most refreshing episode of my life, the most memorable film that makes you experience the earthy-muddy smell of un-paved red road and the smelly yet sparkling, algae contaminated green coloured pond, that is looked upon as a water body as holy as the mighty Ganges, by the locals. A film that FLAME used to enjoy for a period, not lesser than 30 days every year, untill things changed. One day FLAME had to leave that dreamy and exotic land of rusty beauty for the life it lives today.

The Trigger: Watching a bengali video on youtube.

The Connection: One says "The whole secret of existence is to know your roots". Can anyone agree on this more than I do. The video I saw might not be the best bengali video or song that I saw over last few years, but it had the magnetism to drive me to my mother's arms. Raised in the land of culture and heavy religious followings, my mothers connects me to the land of Bengal. I clearly remember the time, once, when I was alone at home and FLAME was sad and unhappy to be away from her started listening to her bengali audio songs. FLAME was too young to understand any of them. But even today, FLAME remembers those words. I was lucky enough to find them here on the Internet. By all the greatness of the world wide web, I am able to post the song in my blog. World has advanced, and the power of remixing good old songs has grabbed this song as well. The song is presented as hte original old one and the new remixed version.


The Original (Rabindra Sangeet)
Paagala Hawa
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The Remixed (Film: Bong Connection)
Paagala Hawa
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Peace: The FLAME pats me on back, for making the song available on his blog. He can enjoy the beauty and re-watch the film once again, which it had to leave years ago. FLAME is happy and I mellowly watch him recalling the roots of its existance.

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Hi Sandeep!!!

Today is Sept 15th :) ..
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