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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aashritha - The journey begins

The Trigger: Promise to FLAME.

The Deal: To work with the unknown rather than to work for the known.

The Drive: Aashritha - A Shelter For Child Education.. (Click to open)…. these words first came to my notice when I was lousily scrolling my e-friends’ list. Driven by my last blog, I was tempted to click the hyperlink. The link, unlike many flashy ones, did not open to a multi-section screen with highlights of achievements and goals or linking big names and appreciations received within bright coloured boxes and vibrant text colours. It was a simple page (using the googlepages service from Google), thereby giving full justice to its existence. If the motive is to help the poor and contribute money, why waste a handful of it for buying domain names, maintaining portals and servers and any other chaos involved in such .com services. I went through all the pages, and the members’ list. On seeing my friend’s name mentioned under the regional coordinator for the group, I was driven to recall the promise I made to FLAME last week. Is this the right path? The journey started last week, by joining the race (I started my contributions to CRY – Child Relief and You). But FLAME wanted to be a part of something where it has it’s own say. Somewhere where I have to work to make a difference rather than just follow the run and be a thousandth part of the global race. Aashritha was appealing and FLAME voiced out – Join hands, and lets start a new race along with the race we are already running. At least FLAME would have to face the challenge and prove to itself that thinking and acting are two different aspects of life. Thought enough, its time to act!!
The Act: First step on the endless road. I joined the Aashritha group today. Starting my act as a member cum coordinator for the Amsterdam chapter. My activities would need me to make people aware of why and what is Aashritha. Then probably, how? FLAME is completely lost in its hazy land of dreams with everything is in shades of white and where every place is peaceful. It dreams about children running across the fields and enjoying the beauty of childhood. Where as I have to face the reality and begin the act right from the bottom of the grave. Accepting social facts around you is not easy. Facing them is harder and fighting back to resolve them is the hardest. I start my journey with less ideas (How to do?) but high hopes (I will do!), and FLAME is happy to know this.

PS: Aashrita or Aashritha (as chosen by the creators of this group) comes from the Indian word which means, Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth.


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