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Monday, February 25, 2008

The FLAME Returns

Its been quite a while now… since I last blogged...... but here i am.... starting again. Cannot pen down all the thoughts that turmoil in my mind.... but I am trying to give a change to this blog…. Nothing much though....... thoughts are there.. FLAME is there…. but with a small change
Change is the only constant thing in life…Right??

Few thoughts expressed....

Days have passed, in a snap of time
Events all around, lured me back
For what, the thoughts unknown
The FLAME does a comeback
Random thoughts put together, a question is born then!
Says no-one, but the same mind, who unkowningly hunts them!

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Priyanka Varma née Gupta said...

Hmm....what troubles you? Let the flame speak and let the air and water do its work!